• Ashley Vaughan

Bulldogs Looking Forward To 2021

Although 2020 was a disappointment for many, it allowed us to take some much needed steps towards future proofing our club. Having played competitively for over 30 years, we have had some time to look at our core values and assess what is important for us moving forwards.

With an exciting committee full of enthusiastic people with the clubs interests at heart, and a solid team structure we are now looking to make a serious push for silverware and success over the coming years. We have recruited well, retained some fantastic skill sets and are constantly working on delivering an improved version of the club.

Below we have listed what we believe to be our clubs core values and why becoming a Bulldog may be the right decision for you.

Birmingham Bulldogs are a community based, volunteer lead, amateur rugby league team based in the west midlands. Having competed for over 30 years, we are longest running competitive team in the league.

The club has a rich history, having competed successfully for many years. Honouring this history helps the clubs volunteers, coaches, board members and players to keep a winning mind-set. The expectation that only the very best is accepted and the sense of history and pride is a great motivator for the players.

As a club we are very giving. New people who have never played a contact sport are as welcome to join as a veteran of the game. If you can give everything to us, we can give everything to you. State of the art facilities, high level game focused coaching in addition to experienced strength, conditioning and matched based training.

Although we take competition seriously and our goal will always be to achieve the highest standards possible there is an element of fun and enjoyment in the club. We aim to keep the balance between the two, constantly challenging people and pushing them to achieve the best versions of themselves whilst enjoying the sport and learning to fall in love with the game.

Commitment really is our core value. It is a major factor in everything we do. We commit to providing players with the best quality kit, equipment and facilities. In return we want a commitment from the players to regularly attend training, be available for games, communicate effectively and most of all have each other backs, after all we are a team and our perseverance is what will make us an even better one. We will always encourage every player to do their best, master their fundamental skills, how, and when to effectively apply them but we want players to understand that part of the team is helping warm others up, helping run water and all the other bits that help build a successful match day squad.

Lastly, Loyalty. We believe that to truly succeed, you must develop loyalty to the team and the sport. We understand we have to be flexible with life’s commitments but a strong foundation of loyal people creates a solid foundation for us to build on. We stay strong and committed as a unit through the good and the bad, we never quit and we always dig deep and finish whatever we have started. We recognize nothing is gifted to us and by standing strong together we can pursue our journey to excellence.

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